Repair and Maintenance Services

G & M also provides repair and maintenance services for podium facade and curtain wall to property owners and management companies in Hong Kong.  Such repair and maintenance services cover (i) one-off repair and maintenance services; and (ii) inspection and consultancy services.

Scope of repair and maintenance services provided:

  1. Emergency services attending to glass breakage.  Removing damaged components or temporary secure and sealing up.
  2. Replacement of curtain wall glazing panel and glazing frame.
  3. Inspection for water leakage, water test, and remedial works to replace aged sealant, gasket, and window hardware.
  4. Conditions surveys in compliance with the PNAP 106 requirement on regular inspection as specified in the Buildings Department's practice note.
  5. Addition alteration works for fixed window, operable window, metal louver, and signage including provision of design for submission to Buildings Department.